Field Guide To America's Most Haunted
by Jim Graczyk


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 FIELD GUIDE TO AMERICA'S MOST HAUNTED written by Jim Graczyk, Research Assistant for the Ghost Research Society. The following are a few of the entries that appear in the book.

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Fort Lincoln – Located at the junction of the Potomac River and the Chesapeake Bay, 11175 Point Lookout Road, Scotland , Maryland .

            After the bloody Battle of Gettysburg in 1863, the Union Army sent Confederate prisoners to Point Lookout for incarceration. The prison that was constructed here swelled to well over 20,000 and living conditions dwindled fast. Prisoners had only a tent to keep them out of the elements and food shortage along with disease started claiming lives. It’s been said that close to over 4,000 prisoners died here during 1863-1865.

            Activity – The federal government erected a lighthouse on this property back in 1830 to help ships navigate through this area. It is here by the old lighthouse that the ghost of a young man with dark eyes has been seen standing by the kitchen. The outside stairway is also haunted by a ghost of an old woman that is often seen at the top of the stairs. Strange noises, phantom footsteps, slamming doors and even the sound of a person snoring have been heard in the building. Near the Confederate monument, faint voices have been heard as if calling out from beyond the grave. Ghostly soldiers have been seen on the roads and trails within the park.


Rico D’s (Frankie’s Roadhouse) 8933 S. Archer Avenue , Willow Springs , Illinois

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            This building has been several eating establishments over the years, currently called Frankie’s Roadhouse. The building has a colorful past that includes being a brothel, illegal gambling and drinking parlor, a speakeasy, and of course a legendary mob hangout. Al Capone is rumored to have been here numerous times. There have been several violent deaths as well as some possible ground location burials. The former second floor brothel has a secret staircase that leads to the basement. In one of the rooms, under the floor, there is a secret vault that was used to stash items. The basement area is known to have five tunnels that branch out in many directions. One tunnel is believed to have even gone to a nearby cemetery mausoleum where gangsters could make a quick getaway. Another tunnel is believed to have run across the street to the nearby Willowbrook Ballroom, formerly O’Henry’s. The building has four floors – the basement, first level, second level and an attic. The first floor woman’s restroom used to have a secret stairwell that would lead to the basement. Once in the basement, there was a secret hidden room to hide out. There are old gunshot holes in the bathroom door, which is believed to have come from a minor dispute among some gangsters. Talk to the friendly employees here if they are not busy, they might be able to share a ghostly experience.

            Activity – An owner of the building has experienced numerous accounts of paranormal activity. On one occasion, a ghostly woman had a conversation with the current owner and informed him that she was happy to see the changes being made to the building. One day as the current owner was up in the attic, he got the sense of being pushed toward the attic window. As he put out his hand to catch himself, the window fell out and landed in the parking lot. Upon investigation in the parking lot, the window that fell out from the attic didn’t even break. There was small crack but nothing too serious. Researchers in the building have picked up high EMF readings near that window. The first floor woman’s bathroom is said to be haunted by a former female brothel employee. Her bloody beaten face has been seen in the bathroom mirror on occasion. The basement staircase is haunted by a former bartender that was tripped and killed at the bottom of the stairs. It seems the bartender took a liking to one of the brothel women and the jealous gangster boyfriend put an end to that love affair. There are also many strange noises and footsteps heard throughout the building.



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