Field Guide To The Land Of Lincoln
by Jim Graczyk


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 FIELD GUIDE TO THE LAND OF LINCOLN written by Jim Graczyk, Research Assistant for the Ghost Research Society. The following are a few of the entries that appear in the book. ISBN:0-9766072-4-7 

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Ethyl’s Party (Formerly Tito’s) – 2600 S. Wentworth (Wentworth 200 W., 2600 S.)

            Activity – This building was the former Coletta’s Funeral Home. Early local residents referred to this building as the place where dead bodies were on display. Numerous paranormal activities have been reported at this location. The television has been known to change channel all by itself. An apparition of a man wearing a trench coat has been seen walking near the bar area. On one occasion, as a band was playing in the old wake area, there seemed to be one extra member of the band. Was this person fulfilling a dream it never got a chance to accomplish? Kind of makes you wonder what happens when a funeral home leaves the building, do the temporary residents remain?


Windy City Ghosts, by Dale Kaczmarek (Revised 2006)




McPike Mansion – 2038 Alby Street (618) 462-3348.

            This mansion is on private property and trespassing is not allowed. The current owners, Sharyn and George Luedke, conduct tours on a regular basis for a small fee. The small fee is used to raise money to restore the mansion into a bed and breakfast or historical attraction. Contact the Luedke’s at the above number to arrange a tour.  

            Activity – It is believed that the ghost of the former owner, Paul Laichinger, haunts this mansion. The back staircase is possibly haunted by a servant by the name of Sarah Wells.  Sarah’s lilac perfume is often detected up toward the front of the third floor.  

            Authors note: On an investigation with the Ghost Research Society, we were waiting for a team member to return to the basement area. As I heard footsteps walking across the floor, I turned to watch the dark staircase for our team member’s descent. I saw a light coming done the stairs, which I believed was a flashlight, then immediately saw a glimpse of a lady in a long black dress with apron descend the last few stairs and disappear around the corner. Just then, a bright light was coming down the stairs, and it was our team member. I stood there for a second and thought, what was that I just witnessed? Could it have been the apparition of Sarah strolling down the stairs? On that same night, as I had my Sony-Cam recording, somehow my camera was shut off. Not just a pushed button, but a flicked switch. We had another camera in the area also recording, but nobody entered the area to shut my camera off.


            Haunted Alton , by Troy Taylor (1999)

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