Field Guide to Mysterious Waters
by Jim Graczyk


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 FIELD GUIDE TO MYSTERIOUS WATERS written by Jim Graczyk, Research Assistant for the Ghost Research Society. The following are a few of the entries that appear in the book.


Rhode Island  

     Block Island Light – Back in the 1900’s, a former keeper shoved his wife off the round staircase to her death. Her ghost has been known to toss pans, plates, and dishes in the kitchen area. She seems to hold a grudge with men and chases them in and out of the rooms. Her ghost is known to lift the men’s beds while they sleep, and even locks them out of the building. Even closets are not safe as she likes to take hanging clothes out and place them on the nearby bed. Men are advised to be on guard while visiting this place.


White River – In the 1870’s, Captain William Robinson arrived at the booming harbor of White River. The Captain noticed that the river, at times, looked clogged with ships, especially during nightfall. It seemed that a bustling harbor would have had a lighthouse or beacon with so much traffic on the river. But to his dismay, the Captain saw nothing was even being done. Captain Robinson took it upon himself to aid his fellow boaters by erecting a light at the end of the pier until Congress approved the funds for a lighthouse. It was during those times you might have seen him on the pier waving his own lantern. Robinson loved what he was doing and got the locals to petition for a beacon. Eventually, the town got the lighthouse built in 1875 and Robinson became its first keeper. He immediately moved in with his wife, Sarah, and their children. From the moment he took on his duty, Robinson vowed he would never leave his post. 

     Life was perfect at the lighthouse. Everyone was happy and life was moving in the right direction. As time went on, their children eventually grew up and moved away. Captain Robinson and his wife settled back with the kids being gone and enjoyed the daily life as keepers. Suddenly, things took a turn for the worst for Sarah and she passed away while she was in her 50’s. Captain Robinson was devastated but he vowed he would continue on with his duties and tend to his light. In 1915, after some 47 years of service, he was being forced into retirement. Captain Robinson, whom was now 87 years old and the oldest keeper in America, vowed he wasn’t going to leave. Before his retirement, he arranged to have his grandson take charge of the lighthouse. Captain Robinson remained at the lighthouse regardless of government regulations that stated that only the keeper and his immediate family could live there. Robinson carried on his usual duties as keeper, moving a little slower and walking with a cane, stating that his grandson was not yet ready to take on the responsibility. The night before he was to leave the lighthouse in April 1919, Captain Robinson lay down to sleep and never again woke up. Captain Robinson was buried in a cemetery across the river, so he could be as close to his light as possible. His grandson later continued on the Robinson keeper tradition for 26-years until the lighthouse service was discontinued in 1941. 

     The lighthouse today has two spirits that roam the area. It is believed that both Sarah’s and Captain Robinson’s spirits seem to still be lingering here. One visiting there gets the sense of not ever being alone. There are the sounds of steady footsteps and familiar thumps, as if someone is walking with a cane. The ghostly sounds are heard climbing up the stairs and then back down. The ghosts here seem to be playful, friendly, and like to tidy things up around the lighthouse. The current keeper likes to play a game of dusting with the ghost. She would start dusting off a cabinet, stop and walk away. After, later returning to the cabinet, she would find that it has been completely dusted off and the rag is found on the opposite side of the cabinet. Also, pictures on the wall that have been straightened are often found kilter later on. The ghosts here tend to help and make their presence known in some way or form.


White River – Start off on Highway 31 south of Whitehall, exit onto White Lake Drive and travel west. You’ll see this road end at the lake. Turn left onto Shore Drive and follow it around White Lake. You’ll come upon Scenic Drive. Continue straight through the intersection where the road will become Murray Road. You’ll follow Murray Road as it turns north and leads to the lighthouse, which is down a short road to your left near the end of Murray Road. (Note: The World’s Largest Weather Vane is just across the river in the town of Montague.) Latitude: 43.3743 Longitude: -86.4248


South Carolina

      Myrtle Beach – There is believed to be a haunting of a young boy that is said to have drowned in the ocean. Apparently the tide that day muffled his cries for help. He has been seen treading water and then mysteriously disappears. Some even say if you’re really quiet, you can hear his faint cries for help off in the distance.


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