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  • 17 Hundred 90 Allegedly A Resident Ghost In Room 204.
  • Acacia Cemetery Capt. Schuenemann and the Rouse Simmons.
  • Bachelors Grove Cemetery Possibly America's Most Haunted Cemetery
  • Clarence Darrow Bridge Does The Ghost of Clarence Darrow Still Pace Around This Area?
  • The Darkside of Chicago Unsolved Mysteries in Chicago
  • Graveyard X Featured On Adventures Beyond
  • Holy Sepulchre Cemetery "Chicago's Miracle Child"
  • Haunted Hotels, B&B's & Inns "Places Where Some Guests Never Check Out"
  • Hotel del Coronado A Luxury Hotel and National Historic Landmark, hosting the ghost of Kate Morgan since 1892.
  • Lemp Mansion Life Magazine calls it, "one of the ten most haunted sites in America"
  • McPike Mansion Possibly The Most Haunted Site In Alton, Il.
  • Mount Carmel Cemetery "The Italian Bride"
  • Polish Museum of America One of the oldest and ethnic museums in the United States.
  • Queen Mary Spend the Night Aboard A Haunted Ship.
  • Resurrection Cemetery Resurrection Mary
  • Robinson Woods Indian Burial Grounds
  • St. James Church & Cemetery "Monks Castle"
  • Unsolved Murder in Schiller Park Woods, 1977
  • Spirit Photography Tips on Spirit Photography

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